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Elderly Care

Elderly Care


As part of its core charter, Kalyani has embarked upon adopting old-age homes, to commence with Kolkata, to help provide much needed emotional support to the elderly inmates of these homes.

Subhashgram Oldage Home, Kolkata

The inmates of Subhashgram Oldage Home, situated in the fringes of Kolkata have come from underprivileged background and lack family support. Kalyani has been working with the inmates, who are now in the twilight of their lives and in need of love, care and support, to bring cheer and happiness. Kalyani voulenteers celebrate Mahalaya and Daan Utsab with the residents of the home by gifting them new clothes and sweets ahead of the Durga Puja. This is one occasion that the inmates look forward to eagerly and relive their youthful days.

Tollygunge Home, Kolkata

The 100 year old home was setup to provide support to impoverished senior citizens of the city. Every month volunteers of Kalyani visit the home and celebrates birthdays of the inmates. For the elderly, ‘Birthday’s are the time when they feel desolate and tend to reminiscence their younger days. It is here that Kalyani volunteers step in to fill-up the void and help celebrate their birthdays to bring back the sparkle in their eyes. Apart from the customary cake cutting day is spent playing games, singing songs, and myriad other fun activities.

St. Joseph's Home, Kolkata

Kalyani adopted yet another home for the aged, St Joseph's Home, in January 2015, for celebrating the birthdays of the residents, who, unfortunately, are bereft of the attention and affection from their families. All the residents who have birthdays in a particular month, cut birthday cakes and are showered with gifts. A general air of cheerfulness pervades amidst the playful banter between the senior citizens and the KYLF board members and other students of GBS. Musical programmes, fun games, dance programmes etc., put together by the students have everybody spellbound and offer a much-desired respite from the monotony that is life. The residents come out of their loneliness and spend the day in loads of laughter and love. For a short while at least, they forget their pains and celebrate life.

Differently Abled Care

Differently Abled Care


Given the huge challenges and social barriers faced by mentally challenged children and youth largely due to lack of education and awareness, the need for dedicated help and support services has been an acutely felt requirement. Sensing this huge gap in society Kalyani is trying to fulfil this void by working closely with two other NGOs in this sector – Care Giver Trust and Bodhayan.

Care Giver Trust, Kolkata

Kalyani has tied up with Care Giver Trust, to work with, support, fund and enable projects promoted by Care Giver Trust for the mentally challenged. We are currently building a home at Baruipur (near Kolkata), where parents and wards from the fraternity can stay for life,their needs looked after and their requirements taken care of. The same property which is being developed Kalyani is a landmark project and would bridge a huge gap for a normal livelihood for mentally challenged adults and their parents. We want everyone interested in working or contributing to the mentally challenged fraternity to join us in this movement.

Bodhayan Project, Kolkata

As part of the Bodhayan Project, Kalyani works with mentally challenged children and actively assists/helps them in their basic skill development and healthcare requirements. Among the critical social support services being provided by Kalyani includes enabling basic vocational skills for mentally challenged children to help boost their self-esteem while gradually becoming self-reliant and helping live meaningful lives. As a part of this charter Kalyani organizes different workshops to train these children in Candle Making, Envelope Making, Paper Bag Making, and Handloom etc. In addition regular Yoga sessions are conducted as an intrinsic part of the healthcare initiatives helping such children and young adults to alleviate their physical sufferings.

Channelising Youth

Channelising Youth


With a rapidly evolving economic and social fabric, India is fast forwarding itself through the 21st Century where despite increases in income levels the gap between the 'haves' and the ‘have-nots’ has also increased. It is thus imperative that youth come forward in greater numbers to reach out to the marginalised sections of to provide succour and relief – helping people to live lives of dignity and honour.

Kalyani believes in the power of the youth to bring about societal transformation and the first step lies in providing them with the opportunity and a platform to help engage closely with society.

The act of giving back to society from an early stage of their life, and in the process evolving into a more finer, sensitive and caring individual and human beings is at the very heart of Kalyani's work and thus we see Kalyani:

  1. Establishing and Motivating a strong student wing to channelize youth interest in doing care for society work. Students and young volunteers of the foundation undertake various kinds of social welfare projects such as Blood Donation Camps, Dental, Eye and Health Check-up camps for the underprivileged, Workshops for children at correctional institutions, Empowerment and Awareness Projects for Women, World Day Celebrations with disabled and mentally challenged people, teaching underprivileged children, etc. Since the process of undertaking such activities is also crucial which should result in the development of work skills, management skills and leadership skills, Kalyani’s student volunteer group is being driven through 'Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum'.
  2. Imparting Education and Vocational Training to underprivileged and un-channelized youth. This includes:
    1. Scholarships for needy students
    2. Vocational Skill Training to underprivileged youth



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