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Travelling into the infinite

June 01, 2020

As I have travelled in my life,I have realised that the journey of life opens up newer and newer dimensions in front of you to accept,learn and grow.Its simply fascinating.Many times,we are so engrossed in our fixed thinking of right and wrong,that we even doubt our own growth potential. For me,however,that was not the case.Simply because,fotunately for me,as I started growing,experimenting,evolving,newer challenges for myself,some with risks,and some as natural growth,I did not get too much time,to think and plan my self development process so much.All I did was to keep squeezing my intelligence and my energies to deliver more.But over these last 8/10 years, I had taken a conscious decision to stop,think and grow.I have always been a very keen learner.Very inquisitive about new things,so my process of self development and self actualisation,led me to the path of huge learning and a journey,which initially,I myself took time to understand,but then,it became clear everyday.That is when my trips to Bhutan started happening.That is when, I started understanding the journey from finite to infinite,and soft clouds,floating among the mountains,became visible to me and I was completely lost in absorbing that.Spirituality got a completely new meaning to me,and the finite part of my journey,gave way to infinite learning,thereby leading my entry into the world of spiritual life. The new state of matter,beyond ,solid,liquid,gas,were clearly visible to me,and it started taking a different direction and shape. But I was alone.Since I still had to complete a few tasks in the finite world,I needed a connect with that world,and then transition fully.I needed help.I needed to relate,share,but there was no one who understood me.As luck would have it,even souls got connected,but they could not leave their finite space.They were caught in a bond,not free,and were tied with so many things,with fear,and such things,that they could not come with me.Maybe,someday,they will.They started giving me wrong examples. Basically,they could not break the shackles to come.

I have always thought,why is it,people who travel intellectually,understand the value of spiritual integration with our finite world,still cling to the social fabric of the past,because of their fear of the unknown.They even doubt,people like us,doubt our intentions,as that helps them to hold back.But for how long ? The pull is so strong that very soon all shackles will break loose and make them free.

That day is not far.We will again join hands and be together again.

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