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The emerging New Society

May 20, 2020

Its a very funny time Nature is taking us through. First, we have "no-end-in-sight " Covid-19 and now we have a huge cyclonic storm Amphan,sweeping our coasts,anytime this afternoon.Interestingly,I have reached a stage in my life,wherein,thinking,planning and developing the future for self,is a myth. But humans are very funny creatures.Its like the Amber light in a traffic signal.Praying that I should get thru',let the guy behind me,see the Red light.This is how we think, work, develop,everything.We keep telling ourselves,"live by the day", "live in the present",but do we ? Or can we ? We drift away to hope,despair,whatever our state of being at that point is,and start day dreaming.It remnds me of the classic Bengali play,I played the lead role in ,some 40+ years back called : "Jodi Aami , Kintoo Aami". Translated it means something like, "If I was,But I am". Our self,or even selfish orientation,doesn't keep us in that zone always. Ironically enough,when in Management circles and in Society,we started talking about the efficacy of working together,working in groups,teams,back to community development,etc.,in came Covid-19 and said "Social distancing" please ! It took the spine out of your Team building/working close missions.Such is life. But we will re-group. Work out some mechanisms, to go to Theatres,watch movies(not Netflix),go for wedding receptions,seminars,and the like.Once our work pattern,or our money earning pattern changes,community development changes, some struggle,some adjust,and some are in total bewilderment. So, nobody has the answers,we only have questions.Majority of us,are just floating,and seeing where and how we can fit in.In work,as family,as professionals,as themselves, in this new emerging society. Let the search begin..............

We have just begun.

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