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Please make it happen !

June 04, 2020

Based on the feedbacks,I get to my Blogs,I have realised that I am an utter failure.My blogs have failed to instigate,encourage,excite, people to act.Perhaps, for theoreticians,it makes good academic reading,which does not make much sense to me.That is why comments like "insightfull", "very thought provoking","very deep and nice",I get.What does that do ? Make me happy ? No. My blogs actually are not meant for "just good reading". They are written,from within.They are like me,spontaneous.Also communicates,what occupies my mind at that point in time.So, with these feedbacks,I would go further inside myself,and try and keep looking for that inner soul,who reads my blog,and says "YES!!!!!". I remember in 1995,when in NewYork, in the presence of the Hon'bleChief Minister,Late Jyoti Basu,I presented the concept of Infinity-the intelligent building,to be made in Kolkata,India,someone from the hall,got up and said....."YES!!!!!!",with his fist going up in joy. For him,he later told him(I didn't know him),this was something India very badly needs.He was,though an American,but an ardent India lover.

These blogs thus becomes,an honourable way of expressing myself,to the world,more as a personal diary than anything else.As long as I think of it that way,I am fine.

So,as I go deeper into the minds and lives of people,without basic resources in life,I suddenly find there is a crowd there,seeking publicity.Political parties,the so-called CSRs,some very good and strong NGOs,Ramakrishna Missions,all crowded and very keen to make the same communication.So,in India,no matter what you want to do,there will be this crowd.My concept of "one to many",for the poor people,needs a strong agency in the middle.Institutional philanthropy,like the one,I am doing for the young performing arts people has a decent space to work on.If you pick up the Informal sector,one by one,most of them are vulnerable to the environment.Giving them courage to come out strong,and live their own life and making it happen is the key.,as I walk that path A lot of us feel strongly about it,and want to do it,but stop one step away from "doing it"themselves. Why ? I wonder.It is these people,my blogs are meant for,they have to take it to the next level,only then,things will start happenning.In our middle class society there are plenty of highly educated,extremely well read,decently exposed,men and women,who could take the next step,but are not.Yes,the next step will have logistics and Admin issues,but if they dont take the next step,the entire activity will not happen. Just saying,sitting,listening,watching,reading,feeling,emoting,with such causes,is almost a waste of time,if some of you do not take the next step. I urge all of you,who feel strongly about it,just go ahead and take the next step.In our earlier generation,we have seen our parents going to Mandir,and performing weekly Pujas at home,to purify our souls and for the well being of the family.That is a generation gone.If you continue doing only that,you are going backwards. Today,we must take it to the next logical step,and perform on it.These blogs only then will start making sense to society.

Till then,I keep searching for that bright inner soul,who is inquisitive to make some difference to his/her immediate environment.

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