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New World Order.....

June 01, 2020

USA with over 325 over million,China with 140 billion,India with over 130 billion population has had unique but quite disturbing data of late, with regard to Corona virus and the world order.These 3 countries alone contribute to over 40% of the world's population of 7+ billion people.So, whatever happens in these countries does impact a very large chunk of humanity to say the least.The Wuhan discovery and tragedy in China, over 12 billion migration workers handling in India,when they sought to return home and the recent George Floyd killing in Minneapolis,USA, have left all of us with huge sense of disbelief and bewilderment.As if the severity of the Pandemic  and the economic crisis,which followed was not enough,these incidents have demonstrated on the streets how the world is being treated these days.Its perhaps Law of Nature's own way of saying,"enough is enough",now think of your people and their welfare,build your country,by bringing in more compassion and love in whatever you do,and think spiritually,if you have to address issues confronting the globe.In 2014,in one of his now famous speeches Bill Gates had predicted that the next world war will not be fought by pressing the nuclear button,but by an invisible virus which will be all pervasive.Today we are progressing very clearly and surely on the post Norstadamus phase of our lives into a different world,where perhaps Spirituality will rule the roost and not just the fear of a Religious order.

What does it call us to do or follow ? We all know by now,how when the atomic war was being fought fiercely, how an innocuous concept like "non violence" captured the mind and heart of many in the world. On a similar note, will a new definition of Spirituality emerge,where love, care,compassion,spiritual inner belief and thinking,which will give rise to FREEDOM between,people and people in this world,and throw away our anger,hatred,pettiness,and claustrophobic              narrowminded parochial thinking, which is keeping us captured as slaves for the fear of some unknown,which ,though temporarily,is restricting the passage of liberty and freedom and free expression of intelligensia and the intellect.

Not for too long though.We will keep on fighting,and try to open up this world always.

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