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How are you spending your time ?

June 03, 2020

There are many of us who have worked,built families,involved in various social/cultural activities for well over 30+ years,in the age group of 55+ years.We have seen it all,as they say,or,"nothing" some would comment.My question to them is "HOW ARE THEY SPENDING THEIR TIME,in this lockdown period ?Lets make it more difficult,let us talk about people who are not actively involved in business or professional work now,but their mobility is affected by this pandemic for the last, close to 3 months,what are they doing or what have they done so far in the lock down ? Let them go back to the 3rd week of March,and run down day by day till today,and take a stock of their activity, their contribution to society, helping family chores, which they never did earlier,pursuing hobbies,reading books,writing,practising or learning new skills, etc.Can you check yourself on that ? I mean check only on yourself.

You will get very interesting answers.I respect Privacy.So, you need not say or write that in public,first simply note it down somewhere and then go through it,and see how much of those,you would consider on a normal day in your life,as waste of time and money ? On the otherside,you may also care to check,what all new ideas you have generated,new thoughts you have created,new way of living this life you have discovered,how many people have you made happier,how much of clarity you have been able to generate within yourself,because of the time you got,etc. Did this time available with you,generate clarity in your mind ?

I am just provoking you to do an audit of your time management in a situation like this,which you have already spent,so no chance to recover.Its a huge learning.Among everything else,for the thinking people,they might find my last point,in the last para,thought provoking.I repeat that,for their sake : "HOW MUCH OF CLARITY HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO GENERATE WITHIN YOURSELF......",since this is an ongoing thought,and an area of continuous development,it might help you to invest more time on it ,to be more productive.

What do you think ?

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