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Do not stay where you are, take the next step in life

June 13, 2020

As you keep repeating,certain segments of your life,over a period of time,you must tell yourself,that,its time to move on. The largest and hugely active segment of one's life is our Middle life.There is a tendency to carryon with it,because,it has all the social domains around us,it helps us to compare,it helps us to feel acceptable and also acknowledged,by what is called as Society,which,to many, gives them a social recognition and legitimacy of sorts,and so,you keep doing those repeatative journeys. I call it the Segment2 of our lives. But if you care to look back at your inquisitive self,your childhood expectations, your learning curve,you may find its time to travel further.The devil in us,holds us back,and more often than not,we fall prey. The Society keeps talking about mediocrity,repeatativeness,social obligations,commitments,in a hugely glorified way,with only one objective to keep us tied down to routine,with little or no self development of self, and the world becomes a happy place to control for the Power that be.Lesser questions will be asked. For over 100s of years,human beings have been kept under leash,without realising that,they have been controlled by a thought or power,which wants to control them,yet make them feel,everything is happenning around them. Funny !!

One would never know the fun of growth,unless one dares to take the NEXT step,towards Freedom. When you do that,everything around you starts looking and feeling different.All the people around you in Segment2, looks mundane to the same you,a lot of space gets created for you to absorb new things,look at them in a new way,show you the path to make a significant impact on people and yourself and above all you feel FREE. You are with people,who have done the same travel one day,maybe earlier and then together a new journey,a new destination,a new way to eradicate miseries of people and create a new Leadership dimension happens. Life suddenly becomes worth living,and then you wonder,why didnt I do this earlier.

This concept of taking people to the next level is a continuous process.WE ALL GROW DIFFERENTLY. So,there comes a time,depending on the decisions you take in life,you discover yourself in a very different way.

There is ofcourse a huge set of intelligent,extremely well read,educated people who understand this but defend their decision to remain in the well by holding onto things like, culture,value,social embargo,some kind of education,to find answers for their actions/inactions or decisions/lack of it. From when did,not doing,and statusquo,become a wise thing ? You do meet Gurus in your life,who change your complete perspective,the way of looking at life,with some convincing,experential stories.Buddha is one such example.But,Societies,Cultures,do change or move,albeit very slowly,but like the politicians do,it is always advisable for the mind to keep the intelligent people under control,thru',Fear,Religion,invoking the self created concept of right n wrong,and continue happily. Mostly the so called mind "rulers" win,if you see it over a small period in time.

But Ordinary people like us,who have ventured to discover ourselves,experimented with experiences thrown at us in life,used those experiences,absorbed them,and created new dimensions of life and growth,have this hope that one day,people who we wanted to be with us,in our lives today,will come,maybe they are on the way,maybe they will realise what the hell are they doing by leading a stereotyped controlled life,of right and wrong,after God has given them so much of intellectual understanding,will come onboard soon.

We badly want them here.We always wanted them.We are missing them hugely today.We are told today,that this will also pass, and you will grow over it.But I ask, "WHY?",we didnot want it to pass.We did not want to grow over them.We wanted to grow with them, together,on a very different scale and dimension today.So, let us not justify.We dont want to miss them.

They must come on board.

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