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Creating an Equitable society with continuous Innovations

May 31, 2020

I can only speak of myself,but I believe most of us, with similar background and experiences might reach similar conclusions in life.Once you have invested all your time,energy and experience,over a large number of years,say, 30+ years,into your entrepreneurial journey,you reach a stage in your lives when you go through interesting observations about your own self,both intellectually and socially. Entrepreneurship drives you towards the welfare of the society you live.Through,employing,training,developing them,even for your professional benefits,you are servicing the needs of the society hugely.Then comes a point in time in our lives,when this urge goes beyond your direct professional work or assistance,and extends itself to areas very close to your heart, through philanthropy.You get immense joy and happiness,when you do that. On the intellectual front,your urge and spirit to innovate continues.However, you might,and in my case,I did feel the need to have  people,friends,and others into believing in your path,and join you in your journey.You feel stronger by doing so,and together with such team work, your energy flourishes,at a different level and pace,and you contiue to innovate and be very happy. If you dont find anyone around with the right mix of chemistry,you might start getting plateaued,as your energy level dips.

Let us all hope,entrepreneurs in this knowledge economy find what they aspire for and build for everyone an equitable society,full of innovation,creation of intellectual properties,and delivering them to this world. I hope it happens.

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