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Can Technology influence experiencing our normal life ?

July 12, 2020

Over the last 10 years or so, 3 companies in the global tech world has dominated the IT Industry scene. They are Microsoft,Google and Facebook. These 3 companies have influenced the lives and minds of a complete generation like never before.As long as these Companies,did well,from their direct business issues,and manifested their growth to direct business terms,it was OK. I don't think,I would have bothered much.But they have done a lot more. Today's youth has almost forgotten the concept, of real life "experiences" or historical learning thru books,or even communicating their well being,interaction,with friends and families, directly in writing,reading,talking. They get these informations,or,do these things thru' Google/FB/Microsoft,and not through experiences.These will have a very serious fall out with the entire social fabric of the world in general,and youth in particular. Misuse of any information or skill or technology is a natural human phenomena,but the parents might try and instil "experience" as a serious learning mechanism,apart from study and learning. Today, when a General Knowledge question like "Who is the President of Ghana is asked,to the son/daughter by Dad or Mom,he/she will quickly "googles" and gets the correct answer.We tend to forget,in his learning process, he did not learn that in a normal way. We heave a sigh of relief and say, the society is changing,and keep quiet.Is that enough ? Or should we make our kids the "normal" way ? Many of us,when we were kids,used to see our Dad/Mom,read a novel/story book,before speaking.We learnt,reading books is a good habit,and tried to inculcate that in our process of development. But now ? Does that happen ? We need to think and ponder .

Use of technology can be hugely helpful,to a child's development and growth.Choice of the kind of use is very important.Internet in general throws on us innocuous data, which opens our learning and understanding curve,but use of those data and its interpretations,should it be discussed as part of parenting,or, left to our kids to decide ? I will tell you a quick story about what one of my sons went thru',while he was studying in USA. Once he had an eye problem,where nerve cells in the eye, were impacted, but nothing was visible outside to the eye,but he could feel it.He went to internet,and wrote his problem, and letters,notes,expressions came out from various patients in the world having the same problem and mostly seeking medical help for the same.Whether they had the same problem or different, we did not know,but what we did know was that my son,was hugely upset,traumatised and worried,reading those stories coming from people who were at different stages of their lives,having different but related issues.He kept speaking to me.I asked,where did he get all these information ? He mentioned internet. I told him to pack his bags and take the earliest flight back home.He came back.We treated him,in a proper eye hospital with specialists,and God's grace he is completely fine now.This happenned some 15 years back.

So, there are issues,we need to think.Particularly, as parents,wellwishers of youth. Parenting in today's world is tricky.We need to accept that responsibility and deal with the mix of human life experience and technology, with a lot of caution and intelligence.

Good luck.

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