About BDG

From innovator to a ‘Big Thinker’ philanthropist, to a master risk taker and a great executioner, Founder and Executive Chairman of Globsyn Group Bikram Dasgupta, has played shepherd and sentinel while steering the global Globsyn ventures into a new world big league. Exuding constant confidence, joy and hope, inspiring youths of today and touching upon hundreds of lives of those in need, BDG is a brand by himself who carried the huge burden of the Indian IT industry during its formative years. He is a leader who inspires positive changes in his followers in his own distinctive style with a raw power of intellect and creativity as a first-generation entrepreneur.


Thinking Big

Innovator, Investor & Philanthropist

He has sailed through high and low tides in life with grace, enthusiasm and unmatched dignity as head of Globsyn Group and BDG Foundation in the middle of tumult and cacophony of a business world. Bikram Dasgupta identified the ‘Big Picture’ in innovative technology much ahead of his times.

His creative thoughts were laid down into specific goals and with an unmatched zeal in exploring ideas to passionate execution through his hand-picked team, he went on to amalgamate Innovation in all his Investment methodologies and Philanthropic endeavour. He didn't shy away from thinking big and for him progress meant creating his own road and establishing new milestones for more than 3 decades, from 'Infinity' - the first Intelligent Building of India to Calcutta Broadway Health Card, the first free health card with third party funding for even minor ailments, medicines and doctors. No matter Good Times or Bad Times, he was passionate enough to reach his goals with a near-obsessive determination to move ahead in life, facing debacles and challenges with his unstoppable spirit.

Global Investor

Investing to make a difference

One of the best investment minds of India who looked beyond the shores, Bikram Dasgupta today is primarily an Angel Investor whose investment strategies have percolated from helping start-ups turn into successful brands straight down to grass roots to make a difference. Both inStartup eco systemand Fund eco-system, he personally evaluates proposals on his Business Model of preference, helping others to gain access to new global markets, bringing experts for unique perspectives and approaches. In the Investor Fund space, he invests in enterprises, which has an entrepreneur, who drives the Business, but is looking for investments and strategic inputs to grow. BDG participates at the strategic level, invests if he is convinced of the businessand works with the entrepreneur from the background. Through IAN, he has already invested in over 20 companies, mostly Tech Startups and has a Team to evaluate the companies and reinvests.



Touching Human Lives

When Doyen of the IT Industry turns to exceptional Philanthropy, he creates wonders. One significant aspect of Bikram Dasgupta’s work, is how he does things ahead of time. He leaves his trademark trend and innovation in all his philanthropic ventures as a supporter of performing arts, music, dance, theatre, in treating old and needy, with charitable investments in education, health and basic amenities.


The Soulful Entrepreneur

Vivacious, ever-smiling, humble path-breaker

An alumnus of IIT and Harvard Business School, Bikram Dasgupta was groomed in the best of educational institutions of India and abroad. His zeal for learning is never-ending as he believes the life of an entrepreneur never ends. His curious mind since his college days where he was an all-rounder in studies, drama and sports, helped him to go beyond the classroom. He went on to create one of the first technology based empire Globsyn that has interests in AI, Business School, Finishing School, technology solutions and many more. His twin sons Rahul and Romit help him in sustaining the empire across the seven seas. Bikram and his wife Ranjana divide time between India, Dubai and USA pursuing their investment, philanthropic and business interests.



Influencing Youths for a better tomorrow

‘Learn & Intern’ and ‘Beyond Education’ – two innovative ideas motivating the youths. Both being Bikram Dasgupta’s brainchild, as he wished to share his real life experiences as a transformational leader to help youths to create a better tomorrow. Through motivational blogs, he regularly interacts with the youths and inspires them to think out of the box like he himself does always. If you wish to interact with him, set a virtual meeting at bdg@globsyn.com

Bookworm Authorpreneur

He did It His Way


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